Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We watched 12 Years a Slave last night. (So much for a "nice relaxing date"!) Seeing vividly that much of "The American Dream" was certainly built upon hard work -- the brutal, merciless, torture and back-breaking labour of black slaves -- Hubby commented that this movie has been unpopular with many because it is a mirror, just as the following article says. The brokenness brought about by this horrific injustice, carried through the generations of recent history still etched into the wounded beaten-down souls of people whose spirits remain down-trodden, is crying out through the behaviour in Ferguson, Mississippi and is not going to disappear save through reconciliation by the grace of God. Throughout history, kingdoms have been raised up on the bodies and blood, by the tyranny of oppressors who hold the wealth... and America (and Canada) are no exceptions. My heart is heavy with these things today, and my back aches from the lashes the slave girl endured in the movie. Come, Lord Jesus.

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